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Safe Moving After a Tornado: Essential Tips from ATC Moving Company

Date: 12/10/2023

Author: ATC Moving Company (Always Tender Care Movers)


The aftermath of a tornado can leave communities like ours in Clarksville, TN, facing significant challenges. Among these is the daunting task of moving belongings safely. At ATC Moving Company, we understand the importance of handling this process with care and efficiency. Here are some essential tips to help you move safely after a tornado.

Assessing the Situation

1. Safety First: Before starting any moving process, ensure that it’s safe to enter your home. Check for structural damages, gas leaks, and electrical hazards.

2. Document Damage: For insurance purposes, document all damages with photos or videos before you start moving items.

Packing and Salvaging Belongings

3. Salvaging Water-Damaged Items: If you have water-damaged belongings, dry them out as quickly as possible to prevent mold. For documents and photos, place them between towels and gently press to absorb moisture.

4. Packing Fragile Items: Use bubble wrap, towels, or blankets to secure fragile items. If you're out of packing supplies, use newspapers or clothes for extra padding.

Moving Large Items

5. Disassembling Furniture: Disassemble larger pieces of furniture to make them easier to transport. This will also help prevent further damage.

6. Electronics and Appliances: If moving electronics, make sure they are completely dry. Remove batteries to prevent corrosion.

Personal Safety

7. Protective Gear: Wear sturdy gloves, boots, and protective clothing to safeguard against sharp objects and debris.

8. Hydration and Breaks: Ensure you stay hydrated and take regular breaks. The stress and physical exertion of moving after a disaster can be taxing.

Seeking Professional Help

9. Professional Movers: Consider hiring professional movers like ATC Moving Company. We have the expertise and equipment to handle moves safely and efficiently, especially under challenging circumstances.

10. Mental Health: Remember, it’s okay to seek emotional support during these times. Moving after a disaster can be overwhelming, and mental health is as important as physical safety.


Moving after a tornado requires careful planning and consideration. At ATC Moving Company, we are committed to providing the support and services needed to help our community in Clarksville, TN, recover and rebuild. For more information on our moving services or to schedule assistance, contact us at (931) 291-5018 or at

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